Success Stories


“My coaching sessions with Martha Sears have given me the tools to transform my life and my business. Martha Sears is much more then a coach, and possesses a very unique and highly effective approach. Martha’s real world experience and business savvy, combined with her grasp on the deeper spiritual laws of life success and as well as her strong intuition enables her to assist on multiple levels at once empowering you to make strides towards the best version of yourself and your life. Martha has helped me get in touch with my innermost vision and desire, and by identifying and removing obstacles that have kept me separated from that, I have seen magic take place in my life and in my business. Since beginning my work with Martha Sears, I have begun to experience growing sense of daily peace with the unfolding process of life and my place in it.”
—Michelle W.

“I highly recommend her services! Martha Soria Sears has been providing life coaching and success coaching for many years and I have had the privilege to work with her also. She is a true professional who also has a passion for helping others see their talents. She has helped me grow my business and personal development!”
—Sarah W.

“It has been a true BLESSING working with you So many transformations with me individually on so many different levels. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort!!! Jeannie. . .thanks for investing into your team”
—Kia W.